An unexpected broadcast

So, you're pottering around late at night. You turn on the radio. It's already tuned to radio 3. It's late, so 'Late Junction' is on - which makes sense, right? You listen for a moment. The music sounds very familiar. Very familiar in fact. Then it clicks. You wrote it...

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New Music North West 2016: Done

After nearly ten exhausting but rewarding days, the 2016 New Music North West Festival in Manchester is now over. Some absolutely fascinating work on display here and  - it really felt there the sincerest attempt yet was made to engage with the extremely diverse array of new music that is being made in this part of the country at the moment. Great to see many friends in such close a time. Thanks so all who made it possible.

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Upcoming performance New Music North West 2015

Just before we all disappear into the mulled haze of Christmas, I wanted to give a little heads up that my performance installation [kiss] (for solo violin and twine bow) is to be included in January's edition of the biennial 'New Music North West' festival, once again performed by long-time friend and collaborator, violinist Emma Lloyd.

The 3-5 hour piece, written in 2014, will be performed in the RNCM Studio Theatre between 12 and 4pm on Sunday 24th January. The audience is free to come and go as they please during this time. [More info] In addition, I'll also be involved in a roundtable discussion of this piece and others with similar preoccupations at 11am the same day [More info].

I've embedded a video of the first performance below:

New CD release

It's so exciting to announce that a new CD featuring my music has been released today on the HCR Label and distributed by NMC Recordings. Shrouded Mirrors - a disc by renowned Chilean guitarist Diego Castro Magaš, the disc features a stunning recording of my 2011 piece bet maryam, alongside work by James Dillon, Michael Finnissy, Brian Ferneyhough, Bryn Harrison and Wieland Hoban. Buy yours here.

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New Video Online

Guitarist Diego Castro Magas has put up a video his performance of my 2011 solo guitar piece bet maryam from last year’s //hcmf. It’s an unbelievably committed performance with stunning results - and so very different from other performances of the same piece I’ve posted up on here.

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Summer Organ Performances

Organist and old friend, Tom Bell, is wheeling out my 2009 organ piece five visions from the book of enoch this summer. Not really representative of my current compositional thinking, but definitely marks a particular space within my development.

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