bet denagel (2013)

For solo baroque violin and baroque bow

Written for: Emma Lloyd

Programme Note:

bet denagel is an ancient rock-hewn church, part of eleven such churches at the Lalibela World Heritage site in Ethiopia. One of the smaller structures on the site, bet denagel has little external vista and is instead is principally comprised from a single substantial subterranean space, delineated by columns into twelve smaller areas.

The piece is comprised from a network of interrelated blocks of musical materials that share characteristics or traits to those that immediately conjoin with them. Sometimes the similarities are substantial – materials / kinetic behaviours – and sometimes they are tenuous – merely similar fluctuations in tempo. At every juncture however something is retained and something is preserved – perhaps implying a larger structural impression of dislocation and disorientation.

The piece was written in collaboration with the violinist Emma Lloyd and is dedicated to her in friendship and gratitude. bet denagel was first premiered by Emma Lloyd on September 16th 2013 in St. Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh.


Flexible: 12'+ minutes

Score Excerpt: